A2IM These cats mean BIZ!! For all my Indy Labels out there!

January 10, 2008

Me and my Patna’s over @ Shaman Work Recordings have been keeping an ear and eye open for A2IM and all I can say is these cats mean BIZNESS!! This post right here is dedicated to all my Independent Label heads who are fighting to keep the dream alive… We have help out there yall!!


The Prez

John Robinson

Powerful, articulate lobbyists are spending MILLIONS of dollars right now, trying to convince Congress and consumers that music labels and artists should receive less than fair royalties or no royalties at all for the commercial use of their music. Groups representing every facet of our industry know that the whole game is changing and that the successful navigation of this altered landscape is crucial to the survival of music labels. The next few years will reveal the most critical and sweeping economic changes in the history of the music industry. It could be the worst of times; it could be the best of times. But the music dollar is being completely re-divided as we speak. Historically, the Independent music sector has been under-represented or ignored when important decisions affecting our industry have been made and the Independents have almost always had to accept leftovers or lesser terms as a result. That isn’t the case anymore. INDEPENDENTS MEAN BUSINESS! A2IM is working everyday to improve the business of Independent music labels.

Members of A2IM (American Association of Independent Music – www.a2im.org) are supporting an organization that has made crucial in-roads promoting the value of Independent music to radio, retail, press, emerging technology companies, the telecoms, within the music industry, and to Congress. We are involved with important lobbying efforts involving royalty rate settings with the non-terrestrial webcasters, the establishment of a performance right royalty payable by terrestrial broadcasters, and the upcoming mechanical rate setting. In addition to our lobbying efforts, A2IM continues to evangelize the importance of the Independent music sector to every possible business partner or income producing stream and as a result our members are receiving regular ‘members only’ special offers and discounts from the growing community of Associate Members of A2IM (these Associate Members don’t control masters but work with, rely upon, or otherwise support the Independent music community). Further, A2IM continues to increase the scope of our member services, education and networking events, and our Independent music community to the benefit of A2IM members who are more engaged and more aware of the issues and opportunities facing them than ever before. A2IM is the ONLY central voice representing the Independents – all genres of music, from all geographical regions. In 2007 we added nearly 75 new members including Curb, Victory Records, Razor & Tie, Century Media/Nuclear Blast, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Madacy, and Nettwerk. Our membership now represents a market share of nearly 12% making us collectively larger than EMI.


We’d love to have you “join the fight” for Independents by becoming a member of A2IM.


John Robinson @ CMJ 2007 in NYC

October 4, 2007

Peace to my Peeps Stereo Motion TV.com for blessing the Promo!

Come Thru October 16th @ The Knitting Factory in NYC

John Robinson has 2 Videos Produced by MF DOOM and features the Metal Faced VILLAIN in the videos too.

October 3, 2007

Peace all,

Wes King here just sharing these Videos from our CEO John Robinson who has a Project called “Who is this man?” that has been anticipated for a loooong time now. This Album is 85% Produced by MF DOOM with more fire Power from some of HipHop’s Illest Beat smiths J Dilla, Madlib and I.D. 4Windz (Scienz of Life). The album was slated to drop several times and has been pushed back several times for scheduling reasons amongst other politics. Hopefully we can expect to see this Great Project surface soon on DOOM’S Metal Face Records label.

Both Videos were Directed by Rick Foy of DVID FILMS

Until then please Enjoy these videos if u haven’t seen them already!

John Robinson – Outta Control Produced by MF DOOM (Scratches by DJ Rhettmatic)

John Robinson Feat. 20/20 – Invisible Man Produced by MF DOOM


Wes King

John Robinson Launches Beatvizion.com

October 3, 2007



Underground aficionado John Robinson launches an all-digital label and distribution service

Official Launch of www.Beatvizion.com

John Robinson, President of Shaman Work Recordings (www.shamanwork.com ) and also one half of the underground Hip Hop vet crew Scienz of Life, has recently decided to start Beatvizion Music (www.beatvizion.com ). An all-digital label and distribution service that caters directly to the digital music market that has the music industry captivated right now and moving quickly toward boundless measures.

When asked about the motivation leading to the launch of Beatvizion, this is what John Robinson had to say; “Honestly I am a purist at heart but seeing the huge success of the likes of itunes, music match and others. It definitely forced me to pay closer attention to the world of Digital downloading. We plan to work hard to stay extremely innovative with our releases.”

With the help of partners Kirk Webber and Michael Robinson, J.R. plans to do well in the digital world with some exclusive releases from a host of artists who are a part of his ever-blossoming roster of talent. Beatvizion will be the template to show many up-and-comers in the music industry a precise model of how to take their career back into their own hands and truly be a reflection of the independent music movement.

“I am definitely excited about this new venture, digital music is the future and we are in tune with the ins and outs and have no thoughts about stopping to further refine our insight to truly persevere in the market place” says Beatvizion partner Kirk Webber.

Expect to hear a variety of great sounds on www.beatvizion.com as our goal is to continue to release quality music full of substance and integrity to the world.


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