Nas and Jay Z live @ Rock the Bells NYC 2008

August 5, 2008

I love it when this type of stuff happens at shows. Classic moments are always DOPE! Check out the video courtesy of



Sound Scan units!!! The Numbers!!

January 9, 2008

Mary J did it BIG this week with more 200K units moved.

1. Mary J. Blige – “Growing Pains” 204k This Week: 835k Total

2. Alicia Keys – “As I Am” 193k This Week: 2.5Mil Total

5. Chris Brown – “Exclusive” 87k This Week: 1Mil Total

14. Lupe Fiasco – “The Cool” 54k This Week: 198k Total

16. Keyshia Cole – “Just Like You” 54k This Week: 941k Total

26. Jay-Z – “American Gangster” 45k This Week: 887 Total

30. Kanye West – “Graduation” 43k This Week: 1.9 Total

36. Birdman – “5 Star Stunna” 38k This Week: 172k Total

52. Justin Timberlake – “Futuresex/Love Sounds” 29k This Week: 4M Total

55. Timbaland – “Shock Value” 26k This Week: 1M Total


JAY Z bites the Apple after catching The DIGITAL BUG!!

January 8, 2008

Rap mogul Jay-Z is to launch a brand new record label with computer company Apple.

The hitmaker, real name Shawn Carter, stunned the music world last month by announcing his decision to retire as Def Jam Records president.

Now the rapper is reported to be going into partnership with the owners of music download service iTunes to become head of the company’s hip hop division.

Jay-Z’s girlfriend, singer Beyonce, is not believed to be attached to the Apple deal.

Meanwhile the hip hop star remains signed to Def Jam as a recording artist.

All I can say is this cat Always stay on top of his GAME. I need to stay on top of mine as well because BOY I have been preaching this Digital music revolution to heads all year long!! and Now it is here.


Your Prez.

John Robinson


January 8, 2008

Check out the Technique with the DRUMS… This Cat is just plain SICWIDIT!!

Show em’ what ya got bruh..

Wes King

Official Review of Jay Z’s “American Ganster” Album

October 14, 2007


Though I am not easily impressed, yesterday proved to me that even an old-school music journalist with a tape recorder the size of a car battery could be moved by the kindness of a rapper. Though I can’t reveal the “why” of my meeting, I was summoned to a Chelsea recording studio to interview Jay-Z for an upcoming piece.

Walking into a room that was perfumed with the scent of strawberry candles, Jay sat by himself at the mixing board and greeted me kindly. Though I had not interviewed him since a piece in The Source ten years ago during the “Streets are Watching” days, I had seen him a few times over the decade.

In the process of putting the finishing touches and flare to the upcoming American Gangster companion album, the tracks that Jay played this Harlem boy resonated in ways that the film didn’t touch. “I think this record plays like a movie as well,” Jay pointed out in the beginning of our discussion as the flick played overhead.

Given that the first single “Blue Magic” has been in heavy rotation at Gonzales Manor since I saw a screening three weeks ago, I was ready for the 8-track flashback of Hova’s journey. Indeed, there were moments when I felt the songs like “Party Life” (which, as Jay points out, “has that seventies soul feel”) and “Success” (with its ill organ) interpreted the legacy of Frank Lucas and the yesteryear landscape of Harlem better than the big screen version.

The fact that Jay-Z is a New York City boy who grew-up hearing hustler legends about uptown characters like Lucas and Nicky Barnes (while also reading Iceberg Slim novels and looking out his bedroom window) truly comes out in songs like the hardcore head bop of “Rock Boys” and the equally hot “Pray.” Both tracks, produced by Puffy and the Hitmen (who have five songs on the album), have the kind of superfly swagger that is pure 125th Street.

From the suites to the streets (I never tire of that one), the Frank Lucas of Jay-Z’s imagination combined with the stark realism of his own autobiography reshapes the character in a kind of musical/textual metamorphous that is truly inspiring. American Gangster is what us Jay-Z fans who once rocked “Cashmere Thoughts,” “D’evils” and “Song Cry” have been waiting for since he first announced he was going back to rock the mic.

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