Phonte (Little Brother) Leaks his own album!!!

October 15, 2007

So the new Little Brother album leaked and word on the internets is that Phonte put it out there himself.

Included with the mp3’s is a text file that reads as follows:

If you enjoy what you hear, please purchase it on 10/23 or come check us out on tour.

Catch our tourdates and all other updates at

Thanks for your support.

I’m fitna go eat some waings and watch Mad Men…

One Love,

I love it. I actually saw this last night, but I didn’t want to completely blow up Tay’s spot. But hey, it’s all over the internet now and he did sign his name. At first I thought, well that’s a nice parting fuck you to Atlantic, but the album actually dropped on ABB records. I’m not posting a link though, so go fire up Google.

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